Container Terminal

Institutional Studies and Implementation

IPC Members have been engaged in a number of projects with Governments and other institutions worldwide, including:

Karachi:  Master Plan for a major terminal, including the provision of advice on the tender documents and technical bids submitted by prospective concessionaires.

Malaysia: Providing input to the container terminal component of a World Bank project advising the Government on the crafting of a national ports strategy.

Europe: Preparation of a PPP Manual and Toolkit for a central European Government, including PPP projects in the maritime sector.

Indonesia: Studies for the Ministry of Transport for the introduction and use of private sector capital, for the development of transport and maritime projects.  These studies also included how such projects should be regulated to protect the public interest.

Africa: Undertaken assignment for the World Bank / PPIAF and other development agencies frot he introduction of private sector capital into the development of infrastructure and maritime projects in sub-Saharan Africa.