IPC - RTG Crane

Plant & Equipment Advice

Advice has been provided in a number of ports on the advantages of various types of port operational plant and equipment.

This has ranged from the various types of mobile port equipment such as tractor /trailer combinations, fork lift trucks, reach stackers and top-lifters to quay and yard gantry cranes and mobile harbour cranes and in some ports specific advice on continuous bulk handling equipment to improve the terminal throughput.

For several new container terminal projects, handling equipment fleet schedules have been prepared, together with the phasing and associated capex. For existing terminals, capacity based on resources and performance has been estimated to determine when additional equipment will be required. In both cases, capex schedules have been prepared for replacing equipment at the end of its useful life. 

In addition, assistance has been given in the selection of dust control devices in a number of ports where airborne pollution has been deemed to be a problem.