• IPC - Aqaba Bulk Operations
  • IPC - Yuzhny Liquid Bulk

Port Operations & Management

Port of Aqaba, Jordan

As part of the relocation of the Port of Aqaba from the centre of the city to a new location, an assessment was carried out to establish what port services and operations could be handled more effectively by the private sector. The services reviewed included the towage operations and shore based maintenance facilities for small craft. In addition, the bulk handling facilities were assessed for efficiency and proposals were put forward for the introduction of new dust control systems in the phosphate terminal in the city centre.

Ports of Odessa, Yuzhny and Illichivsk (Chornomorsk), Ukraine

The project was designed to reduce congestion, increase capacity and optimise cargo handling capacities at the country's three main ports. Major inputs were provided in reviewing the port development programmes, identifying investment projects and performing a comprehensive feasibility study at each port.