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Investigations were undertaken into the requirements for existing ports to provide the various O & M services that are required by companies investing in offshore wind farms. This included an assessment of the various craft both currently in operation and proposed, to identify the operating envelopes and support facilities required. A number of ports were assessed and the various facilities available examined. Future plans by the various ports were appraised and the potential of the developing company constructing specific facilities was raised with the port authorities.

 Technical advice has been provided on development of port facilities at several locations to support exploration and production of offshore oil and gas resources.  Examples include - 

  • Site identification, optimisation and layout planning for a base with comprehensive facilities to support development of new offshore fields in Mozambique, together with an adjacent multi-purpose commercial port
  • Contract documentation and negotiations for a new quay wall in Angola, to accommodate supply vessels and with provision for special heavy lift equipment
  • Assessment of operations and capacity at an existing oil supply base in Ghana, benchmarked against operations in Africa, Asia and Europe
  • Long term development plan for a major new green field port in Angola, including a very large offshore supply base.