Allan Duncan  
Master Mariner  
Port Operations & Management, Cargo Handling, Plant & Equipment [more]


David Hallett  
Chartered Civil Engineer  
Project Management & Planning for Ports & Marine Structures [more]


David Jones  
Chartered Civil Engineer  
Port Planning, Project Development, Private Sector Funding [more]


Nigel Coulshed  
Environmental Planning & Management Consultant  
Project Management, Marine Licensing and Consenting, HRO & HEO Support, Environmental Management, Due Diligence [more]


Martin Blaiklock  
Finance Specialist  
Infrastructure & Energy Project Finance Consultant [more]


Peter Bingham  
Member of Chartered Institute of Transport  
Shipping, Port Operations, Cargo Handling & Marketing [more]


Ray Fenyoe  
Transport Economist  
Traffic & Market Forecasting [more]


Richard Willis  
Port Operations & Systems Consultant  
Operations Efficiency and Technology Projects [more]


Steve Cameron  
Port, Shipping and Logistics Consultant  
Due Diligence, HR, Training, Investigations, Marketing [more]


Simon Thomas  
Chartered Civil Engineer  
Development Planning for Harbours, Ports and Terminals [more]


Tom Drennan  
Master Mariner  
Marine Feasibility, Navigational Issues, Marine Risk [more]