David Jones - Independent Port Consultants

Profession: Chartered Civil Engineer
Specialities: Port Planning, Project Development, Private Sector Funding
Nationality: British
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8398 2010
Email: djones@port-consultants.com

David Jones has spent his professional life in the development, design and construction of port and maritime structures in over 30 countries with special experience in the Middle and Far East. His experience included the development of Dubai Harbour Improvement works in the early 1960s followed by two years as Port Engineer for the Port of Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

His work has also included port and maritime projects in India, the Asian region, Russia and Europe.

David can provide specialist input in port planning and development as well as the implementation of port projects making use of private sector funding. His engineering background and technical experience provides a useful basis on which to develop individual projects.

During the last ten years David has been closely involved with infrastructure and port development where private sector funding is seen to be the way in which can be implemented. His technical background in this field provides an appropriate way in which this type of development can be carried out where it is essential to identify the project demands in making appropriate structures for both the financing and technical content.