Independent Port Consultants (IPC) Group

The different members of IPC can work as individuals on their own account for specific projects, or in concert, depending on the requirements of individual customers' assignments. This latter working arrangement ensures that a wider range of expertise is available from a group of port professionals who know each other and have worked together on other assignments, but who are not part of expensive international port consultancy groups.


Being independent, IPC members are completely free of vested interests, and are thus able to provide input to the development and execution of port and marine transport projects, thus securing the optimum benefit for clients, and can ensure that advice and recommendations are tailored to suit specific objectives.


All IPC members have worked as senior executives in major public or private companies, in a wide range of functions in the ports industry. This very broad experience gives the group a strong foundation on which to develop sound and workable solutions to a wide range of problems.

Range of Port Consultancy Services

IPC can provide services tailored to the client's requirements, either as a sub-contractor or principal contractor for a major project. Alternatively individual members can be commissioned to provide more focused and specialist advice on an as and when required basis.

The services provided by IPC members can enhance an organisation's capacity to review opportunities or to undertake specific tasks without involving in - house resources or further burdening hard pressed personnel with additional tasks to provide a corresponding benefit in utilisation and profitability. Our members are well accustomed to working alongside client's staff to provide short term specialist input and knowledge for a specific assignment.

Security & Confidentiality

From their experience as senior personnel in large organisations and as individuals working in a competitive environment, IPC members are well aware of the importance of a client's security requirements both internally and externally and the need to maintain high levels of confidentiality.

This aspect of project execution is well understood and the appropriate levels of confidentiality are provided in any work undertaken by members of IPC.

Independent Port Consultants Ltd

Clients who wish to contract with a limited company may prefer to engage IPC services through Independent Port Consultants Ltd.


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