Independent Port Consultants - Port Conttractors

Port Construction

An IPC member provided advice to a major contracting JV on the conceptual design of marine offloading facility for a projected new nuclear power station in Anglesey, UK. It was required to handle bulk materials and project cargo, including abnormal loads, using both LoLo and RoRo methods.  Alternative schemes with different levels of wave disturbance and construction costs were considered.

IPC members advised the major Malaysian EPC contractor Dialog on planning, concept designs and operations at the major new oil port at Pengerang. This included a review of the master plan layout for the port, including a ship manoeuvring assessment, which optimised the original layou proposed, and preparating planning and design concepts for two terminals to handle the secondary products from the refinery.  Alternative sea transport and handling methods were studied.

Costain (UK)

Reviewed and amended the marine method statements and safety plans for beach replenishment project, including the transhipment and barging operations.

Hochtief (Germany)

Provided specialist input to reviews of two major UK container terminals.