• Lymington Port (ph. Wightlink)
  • Wightlink Ferries (ph. Wightlink)
  • Aqaba Fast Ferry (IPC)

Shipping Companies

Wightlink, UK

Undertook an assessment of the port of Lymington for Wightlink Ferries in advance of their introduction of new tonnage on the western Solent route.

BP Shipping

Within a JV of 4 global energy players, BP Shipping had overall responsibility for transportation of LNG from the loading terminal at Tangguh in Indonesia to the Baja California region of Mexico. The voyage required LNG tankers to select the optimum route through the Indonesian Archipelago and a robust assessment of the navigational risks associated with a particular strait (Selat Sagwin) was undertaken by an IPC member. The resulting assessment that the route could be made navigationally viable (with a resultant voyage saving time of 2 days per 30 day round trip) was accepted although, ultimately, the highly risk-averse decision was made to use a longer route. 

UK Ferry Company

Conducted review of port operations at 50 ports and produced plan to modernise and improve management system and assisted in delivery of the plan.

Aqaba Fast Ferry

An IPC consultant produced a report on the safe operation and berthing arrangements of a fast ferry operation in Aqaba, Jordan following an investigation into unsafe working practices and risks to passengers during boarding and disembarkation procedures.