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Profession: Port Consultant
Specialities: Process Mapping, Trade Facilitation, Market Studies, Feasability Studies, Port Process Improvements, Financial Modelling, Transport Economist
Nationality: British
Telephone: +44 (0) 7771 901840
Email: ngupta@port-consultants.com / ngupta@port-processes.com 


Natalie holds advanced research and analytical skills developed through a mix of academic and non-academic work and experience. Starting from her higher graduate and postgraduate qualifications in the social sciences and finance, she has received advanced training in qualitative and quantitative research methods and policy analysis from early on in her career.

Natalie specialises in a number of areas including trade facilitation projects, market studies, traffic forecasting, process mapping and analysis for ports, standard operating procedures, transactional advisory work, and other areas. Her work also includes supporting the development of port master plans for new projects. 

More specifically, Natalie has extensive experience in:

  • Process Analysis and Reviews (General Cargo Operations, RoRo Operations, Container Terminal Processes, CFS Operations, Documentation and Billing, Berth / Yard Planning, TOS, PCS, and others).
  • Economic modelling for international Port projects
  • Financial Analysis Port projects / Feasability Studies 
  • Market Studies (marine services, ferry services, ports, free zones)
  • Trade corridor analysis
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Port operations (General Cargo, RoRo)
  • Port Traffic Forecasts (Individual Ports and Country Level) (Gateway traffic and transhipment)
  • Bunker markets and analysis of bunker port services
  • Impact of  International regulation and automation on Ports and Port employment
  • Impact of Ports on the wider economy
  • Trade analysis
  • Port Staff Training 

Natalie has been working for a number of years independently through her own consultancy firm incorporated in the UK - Natcfg Global Consulting Ltd.

Fieldwork country experiences includes Italy, UK, India, Egypt, Ghana, Liberia, Gabon, Sri Lanka, and the UAE.



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