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Profession: Environmental Planning & Management Consultant
Specialities: Project Management, Marine Licensing and Consenting, HRO & HEO Support, Environmental Management, Due Diligence
Nationality: British
Telephone: +44 (0) 7732 373 103


With over 20 years’ experience Nigel brings his practical knowledge of undertaking consenting and construction support work in the marine environment to the team. Nigel has significant project management experience on multi-million dollar developments providing pragmatic solutions to key environmental aspects on projects along with and the management of stakeholders and regulators.

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Nigel has been involved in assessing the environmental impacts of a variety of activities within the marine and coastal environment over the last two decades. He has contributed to an array of projects including:

  • Oil & gas decommissioning;
  • Offshore wind farm developments including port supply chain;
  • Marine Master Planning;
  • Marine Spatial Planning;
  • Regulatory Policy Review;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment;
  • Waste minimisation and management;
  • Habitat Regulation Appraisals;
  • Feasibility studies for marine biomass CHP;
  • Port & harbour developments;
  • Harbour Revision Orders & Harbour Empowerment Orders;
  • Radioactive Waste Management;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Marine renewables;
  • Dredging Applications;

In addition, Nigel has also worked on a variety of smaller projects ranging from applications for temporary jetties to dredging applications for the installation of pontoons. Nigel diversity of experience adds value to the team with his practical constructive minimising environmental risk to both programme and budget. He has operated as a Technical Director for both Atkins and Royal Haskoning, and as a result he has gained significant understanding of the marine environment, and is well connected within the industry both with regulators and with developers.

He brings expertise in managing multifaceted projects in the port and harbour sector and has direct involvement with the consenting, planning, construction, operation and decommissioning requirements within the marine environment.

Nigel formed his own Environmental Management Consultancy firm in 2013 and has since carried out a range of assignments for a number of clients including Governments, Consulting Engineers, Utility Companies and both Energy Transmission and Generation Companies and Port Authorities.

Projects undertaken have included but not limited to:

  • Seaport and Dry Port master planning;
  • Acquisition due diligence;
  • Environmental training;
  • Project Risk Assessment Methodologies;
  • Port policy;
  • COSHH Assessment;
  • Site Waste Management Plans;
  • Security, Safety, Health & Environment plans;
  • Construction Environmental Advisor;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Port Supply Chain Assessments for Offshore Wind Farms;
  • Pricing strategies;
  • Contract review;
  • Energy Transmission and Generation;
  • Executive Environmental Management coaching and training;



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