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Profession: Chartered Member of the Institute of Logistics & Transport
Specialities: Port Development & Operations, Cargo Handling & Marketing, Shipping
Nationality: British
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Independent Port Consultants: Port Consultancy Port Project Management Marine Advisory Services Marine Planning Cargo Handling Port Operations Consultant Transport EconomistPeter Bingham has a lifetime experience in maritime transport and the development of projects, having worked in international shipping, ports, transport and logistics since finishing his 5 year commission in the Royal Navy. He has been a consultant since 1986, specialising in the practical, operational, economic and commercial aspects of transport-related projects in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. His work incorporates an understanding of port operations and management, together with sea, land and inter-modal transport and handling systems, and their incorporation into efficient and cost-effective operations.

During 2003 / 2004 he was the Ports and Maritime Adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq. With responsibilities both to the CPA’s Regional Coordinator for Southern Iraq and to the Principal Adviser to the Minister of Transportation in Baghdad, he worked with the Director General of the Iraqi Ports Authority (IPA) to restore port and maritime affairs to international standards. He returned to Iraq in 2009 / 2010 for 18 months as adviser to the Japanese government’s $300 million Iraq Ports Rehabilitation Project

He has worked on port privatisation and commercialisation projects in the UK, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and recently in Iraq. His earlier career included periods as managing director of dry cargo operations (commodity management and quality/quantity control) and international freight forwarding in the UK for a multi-national inspection organisation, as general manager in the UK for US ship owners, as an active member of the Baltic Exchange in London, and as a commissioned officer in the Royal Navy.


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