Independent Port Consultants (IPC) Group


IPC and its members are independent and are therefore completely free of vested interests. They provide impartial input to the development and execution of the projects that they’re working on. Advice and recommendations are tailored to suit specific objectives and to secure the best results for clients.



All IPC members have worked as senior executives in major public or private companies, in a wide range of functions in the ports and maritime industries. This provides a strong foundation from which sound and workable results can flow.

IPC works with a broad range of clients such as government agencies, port authorities, berth and terminal operators, cargo interests and shipping lines, in government-regulated or privatised backgrounds, or collaborating with other consultancies.  Whatever the setting, IPC works with its clients to provide inventive, practical, sustainable and economic solutions right across the ports, maritime and transport industries.


Range of Port Consultancy Services

IPC is an association of specialist consultants. Clients either contract with IPC directly or with individual or groups of members, depending on the clients’ requirements and the scope of the projects.  Clients who wish to contract with a limited company may prefer to engage IPC services through Independent Port Consultants Ltd.  Individual IPC members may also use their own companies, depending on assignment needs and client preferences.

The aim is to make sure that a wider choice of personalised expertise is available from a group of port professionals who know each other and have worked together on different assignments, but who are not part of international consultancy groups that are burdened with high overheads.

These services are intended to boost the clients’ capacity to identify and review opportunities or to undertake specific tasks without diverting in-house resources.

IPC members are accustomed to working - either individually or as a team - alongside clients’ staff to provide short term specialist input and knowledge for specific assignments.

IPC continues to expand and broaden its port and marine transport-related skills and its members welcome applications from potential new recruits.


Security & Confidentiality

From their experience in senior roles in large organisations and as individuals working in a competitive setting, IPC members are well aware of the importance of clients’ security requirements both internally and externally and of the need to maintain appropriate levels of confidentiality in any work they undertake.


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