Institutional Capacity Development

Over the last 5-10 years,  IPC Members have increasingly been asked to undertake consultancy and training courses on topics such as the institutional and regulatory requirements for efficient port operations and management, as well as infrastructure project finance and public-private partnerships (PPP), for governments, maritime authorities, investors, lenders and private commercial enterprises.

Such training courses have taken place in over 40 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, and have provided an opportunity to impart the many years' experience and knowledge of IPC Members to audiences in developing markets.  Courses have also included clients in the development banking community, such as the World Bank / IFC, the EBRD and the African Development Bank.

For example, an IPC Member was part of a team of advisers for the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Transport in respect of the introduction of PPPs and private capital for the development of the UAE transport sector.  Further, IPC was employed to provide guidance and advice for the business prospects of several European bulk and liquid terminal operations owned by state-controlled agencies.

Councils of Western Isles and Highlands, UK

Appointed by the local government bodies of Highlands and Western Isles in Scotland to quantify the risk of pollution incidents to their respective shorelines. The study involved extensive stakeholder consultation and the recommendation of a range of risk control / risk mitigation measures.

UK Government - Department of Trade and Industry

Study of the overseas market for the UK port’s industry was carried out by an IPC member. This study required interviews of 50 UK companies to identify the appetite for exporting services and goods related to the port development in other countries. In addition visits were made to Indonesia, Singapore and India to assess the potential for UK based companies.



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