Port Authorities

Members of IPC have worked both for and with large Port Authorities in different parts of the world. These roles have included senior management positions at Board level and as permanent advisors in a consultancy role.

Folkestone Harbour Authority

IPC has provided input to the revision of the Safety Management System and Risk Register for Folkestone Harbour Authority, to reflect the marine activities at the port in a proportionate way but remaining compliant with the Port Marine Safety Code. Subsequently,

LNG Plant at Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

Aiding the development and upgrading from beach landing and subsequent organisation of marine offloading facilities. Development of marine & cargo handling operations plans, port facility maintenance plan budgets, and health, safety, environmental, & security plans including bio-security aspects.

Jordanian Dept of Transport

Providing technical focus in the fields of maritime transport, port operations and management, hinterland and logistic connections for Jordan with specific focus on the port of Aqaba and resolving container port bottlenecks.  The project addressed the development of the Euro-Mediterranean free trade area designed to address efficient flow of goods and interoperability between both sides of the Mediterranean.

Lebanese Dept of Transport

Acting as port planner, conducted survey of hinterland connections to identify possible sites for dry port to relieve congestion at port of Beirut and improve logistics for Lebanon and the wider region. Produced pre-feasibility study including preliminary plans and cost estimates and proposals as to how this new entity could be structured, developed and managed.


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