Project Developers

Filyos, Turkey

The possibility of constructing a coal and iron ore import facility at Filyos on the Black Sea coast of Turkey was considered by a team member at the request of a major steel production company. A potentially viable scheme was developed to satisfy the steel company’s requirements which suggested that a port be developed in stages to satisfy the trade flows. An embryonic consortium was identified and indicated its interest in the project. A presentation was made to the steel company which considered the matter seriously, but did not proceed due to commercial constraints.

Okha, in the State of Gujarat, India

Retained to consider the development of a new port facility at Okha, in the State of Gujarat, India. The original request came from an industrial company which wished to export Soya Bean Meal (SBM) more quickly than the present system could manage. A proposal to construct a new terminal at the Port of Okha was developed which would ensure that ship waiting time for this cargo would be reduced to about 5 days instead of the 40 to 60 days experienced at that time. The commercial viability of the project appeared to be good and could have gone ahead with private sector funding, but did not proceed. 

Zubair Terminal, Iraq

Independent Port Consultants Ltd was engaged by the owners of Zubair Terminal Project, which involves the construction of three new berths with covered and open storage areas at the port of Khor al Zubair to serve the developing oil and gas industries and infrastructure requirements of Iraq and the Khor Al Zubair Free Zone.

The site is about 1,900 metres in length and 500 metres in width and will provide intermodal rail transport connections and a dedicated road giving access to the main north/south national highway.

In the first phase a 500 metre quay will be constructed with multi-purpose commercial berths offering 12 metres depth alongside, and storage facilities providing the terminal with the operational flexibility to handle bulk liquid and solid cargoes, containers and general cargo including a specialist heavy lift capability.

The terminal will provide enhanced ISPS certified security and will be self-sufficient with respect to all utilities, and will provide expedited onsite Iraqi Customs clearance.



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