Due Diligence

Izmir LNG Terminal, Turkey

Inspected the LNG import terminal on behalf of British Gas to ascertain the suitability of the terminal from a marine perspective, in order to inform BG’s decision making process about using the terminal for gas sales.

Surrey Docks, Vancouver

Three members of IPC were involved in a requirement at very short notice to provide an overview of this port prior to a possible purchase by a major bank. The team ascertained that there was a previously unknown major constraint that placed the long term development of the facility in jeopardy, thus eliminating any further involvement by the client.

Urea Export Terminal, Bahrain

Part of team reviewing the design, procurement and construction of the marine terminal for a new Urea Plant in Bahrain. This involved an extensive review and comment of engineering and design in the contractor’s head office in Yokohama, Japan, followed by a period spent in Bahrain reviewing the construction.

Container Terminals

IPC members have provide the technical inputs to several due diligence assignments for container termianls. These range from the global portfolio of CMA CGM's Terminal Link (16 terminals on 4 continents) to various single terminals.  In some cases the container terminal has been on component of the due diligence of a whole port.


IPC carried out an analysis of a small private port in Antigua to assess the facility for the handling of containers to relieve congestion pressure in the main Port of St Johns and consider investment and feasibility options.



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