Feasibility and Development Studies

Purfleet Gypsum Import Berth, River Thames, UK

Investigated the feasibility of re-instating a derelict Thames wharf for the importation of natural gypsum for a proposed plaster board factory. Issues included identification of suitable design vessels; navigational constraints; and dredging requirements.

USA: Atlantic and Gulf Coast Ports

A review was carried out of the existing terminal facilities and the marine and land accesses at the 12 main container ports on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts. The review findings were used to evaluate the current and future capacities of each port in terms of vessel size and container volumes.

Tripoli, Lebanon

Three members were involved in the development of an overall plan for the development of Tripoli Port to take advantage of the improving geo-political situation and the start which had been made on expanding the port. This study required close attention to developing traffic forecast scenarios with the development of plans to handle the trades indicated by the various scenarios.

Engerang Deep Water Petroleum Terminal, Malaysia

Two IPC members have provided advice on several aspects of this very large port development located on a green field site in Johor, which is being implemented by a joint venture between Vopak and Dialog. The marine operations were appraised at both a high and a detailed level, including overseeing the simulation modelling of large vessels manoeuvring in the approaches to the port. Within the overall concept design for the port, preliminary planning was undertaken for two additional marine terminals for loading secondary products from a new refinery served by the port.


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