Harbour Master Training

Harbour management is a diverse industry and its component parts are highly specialised. Harbour Authorities are becoming more aware of the wide range of responsibilities that fall on their Harbour Masters as well as on their own Boards and Commissioners, and are seeking appropriate training resources.

IPC can offer three day workshop-based Training Courses which are designed for Harbour Masters and all those involved in port marine operations, and well over 150 candidates have successfully completed them.

The specific objectives of the Courses are:

  • To provide Continuous Professional Development centred around marine operations as an integral part of the port management team;
  • To explore the interaction of safety and commercial pressure when making risk assessments within the port’s Safety Management System;
  • To consider the education and training requirements of the next generation of Harbour Masters, and
  • To exchange experience and knowledge.

The course has been designed in association with Associated British Ports and North West Kent College - Maritime Operations and Logistics. The workshop facilitators include experienced Harbour Masters and a senior practising marine lawyer. The UK’s Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Marine Management Organisation and Marine Accident Investigation Branch of the Department for Transport also support the programme, which contributes towards the UK Harbour Master’s Association Continuous Professional Development scheme.

In addition, IPC also holds one and a half day seminars focussing on the duties and responsibilities of members of the Board of a Port Authority. These are also essential briefings for those who are Duty Holders or Designated Persons under the terms of the Port Marine Safety Code.


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