Marine Operations & Navigation

The development of a possible fast ferry service between Abu Dhabi and Doha was considered as a means of reducing the impact of crossing the Saudi Arabia border twice on the road journey between these cities. A team member was included in the group investigating the opportunity. It was found that for personal travel the installation of the fast ferry service would not provide a preferable route in terms of journey time and would be more expensive than using a car. The project has been shelved for the time being but may be resurrected in the future.

Windfarm Operations

The development of offshore windfarms has introduced the requirement for on shore construction and O & M facilities in the area local to the wind farm. IPC have been requested by windfarm operators to assist in the assessment and selection of a number of potential ports suitable for such activities. This has required close collaboration with the various entities involved in both the construction of the structures and the relevant port authorities.

Marine Advisory

Working with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and NEA of Holland, an IPC member is part of a multi-disciplinary team undertaking a study across all EU maritime states on behalf of the European Commission. The study objective is to help the Commission better understand the way in which Member States grant and administer Pilotage Exemption Certificates (PECs), in order to ensure that these are not misused in ways which may be regarded as barriers to free trade.

The Minches / Hebrides Risk Assessment, UK

A team member assessed the risk of shipping incidents of tankers navigating The Minches versus the Hebrides Deep Water routes, the report recommendations were used as basis for advising the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). Ultimately, the MCA proposed changes in routing and reporting to shipping navigating the area.

Thames Barging Study

IPC worked with statutory bodies to plan the logistics programme for the proposed Thames Tideway Project. This major infrastructure project involves construction of a 7 m diameter sewer tunnel over approximately 30 km with a route following the River Thames through central London. IPC member’s specific role was to ensure that road traffic congestion is minimised by maximising the movement of material, equipment and tunnel spoil by barge.

Navigational Assessments

In 2008/09, the UK Department for Transport (DfT) commissioned a study to review all aspects of the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) and the provision and financing of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) on UK and Irish waters. IPC provided a Nautical Advisor to the study team – a role which involved a range of marine advisory functions including:

• Assessment of IALA requirements and the extent to which the GLAs met their statutory obligations
• Review of GLA assets and their utilisation
• Inputs to alternative AtoN funding models

The final report and recommendations was welcomed across the shipping industry and its recommendations have provided a platform for a range of efficiency savings consistent with maintaining safety at sea. 


In order to assess the viability of saving 2 days' voyage time between Tangguh (Indonesia) and Costa Azul (Mexico), a detailed navigational assessment of a particular sea passage between two islands was carried out. The detail involved ascertaining the reliability of charts and navigation aids; identification of anchorages etc.


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